Welcome to the Britannia E Liquid Collection that is manufactured in The Uk. The base of the liquid that is e is usually glycol, a fluid like reliability which it is boring and colourless, doesn't have flavor of its own and is distinct - with a fairly syrup. E Liquids also contain smoking, until you have DIY e liquid mixing kits picked a flavouring plus a free selection. Eliquid can be utilized in a number of tactics, occasionally being shipped in other instances arriving pre along with vials for physically refilling cartridges - packed cartridges which might be simply flipped out once the old one is empty. Have a wide variety of cheap e-liquids from US and the UK in-stock, at reduced prices.

Gran Reserva fluids are can be found in our appealing 30ml containers and available in 12mg and 18mg. Our beverages are manufactured in the United Kingdom to exacting quality standards using a complicated manufacturing process. This is deemed of removing the genuine substance of the tobacco the simplest way and generates prosperous stunning and powerful powerful flavours for the liquids.

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