Bentley Pool Consultancy Clients

Increasing the profile of environmental management and qualified ecological and endorsing the best expectations of training for dynamics and society's benefit. In certain situations ecology surveys can be seasonally confined, please contact us if you wish to discuss surveys' timeframes you might demand. Verity Webster: As Being A totally-certified chartered ecologist, and whole person in the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM), I have several years' experience inside the ecology consultancy industry.

With substantial experience of all 'protected species' - from bats and good crested newts to badgers - we are able to offer the entire spectrum of ecology-linked companies; from initial walkovers (called 'Phase 1s') entirely to comprehensive study work and mitigation. Altrincham Ecology Bolton Club - Cheshire, Macclesfield - Woodland pool study in advance of fishery place. Chill 050 Ltd - Port & Neston - Lake survey for planning application for change of good use from chicken barns.

Morts Heritage Trust - Wigan - Pool survey in reasons of building that is detailed. Springfield Fuels Ltd - Fylde - mitigation and Great Crested survey on property that is contaminated. Fuels Ltd - Fylde, Lancashire - home questionnaire and Great Crested review for planning proposition. MBC - Greater Manchester, Bury - checking and mitigation and Great Crested survey on Youngsters' Centre improvement site.