2nd Story's Programming Director Bobby Biedryzcki Talks With Chicago Literati

Tensions have been high this week after a number of events involving the police and black men have caught the nation's attention. Support a ‘Story' - before a session all of the tales and the member of staff meet up and discuss for half an hour about how we're all feeling - this is where the workers member will recognise if a narrative is feeling susceptible/emotional. Keep safe indicators while Story Store in session - all Tales have bottled water and a pen on their individual desk.

Stories are previous as time, they usually have been bringing individuals together for the reason that day they were drawn on cave walls. Writing your story will not be only a presentation of time and experiences; it is usually an opportunity to feel, keep in mind, and share. Preserving your story will validate the highs and lows you've people story experienced and turn into a treasure for all who learn it. I can help make the process pleasing. Cherie advised that I capture my life story as a legacy for others, then inspired me each step of the way in which.

The Story Shop works two fold, it educates and reduces stigma for these listening to the ‘Tales' but in addition for these Storytellers taking part it supports their very own private Recovery. To measure influence on the scholars The Story Shop Steering Group developed a questionnaire for each student to fill in on completion of every session. A set of questions with solutions 1 to 5 are requested - college students circling their answer, we then put this information on to a spreadsheet which ends up in easy pie charts showing by share how the Story Shop has impacted on them.